SMART is a proud part of the Vilkas Group Oy

SMART is a proud subsidiary of Vilkas Group Oy, one of the leading providers of online commerce services in the Nordics and Finland. Vilkas is dedicated to creating advanced and intuitive digital solutions that guide online retailers onto the path of success. The company's vision is to be a trusted partner and act as a bridge builder between technology and commerce. Vilkas' services have gained widespread popularity beyond Finland's borders, including in countries like Sweden, the United Kingdom, Norway, and Germany. The total sales revenue for online stores on the Vilkas platform reaches an impressive €350 million annually, generating over 1.3 million transactions and creating an average value of €269 per order for retailers.

Founded in 1995, Vilkas has grown over the years into a strong player in the field of electronic commerce. Its office and team are located in the culturally and historically significant Finlayson area of Tampere.

This association with Vilkas Group Oy underscores SMART's commitment to excellence and innovation, rooted in a deep understanding of both technology and retail. Being part of such a reputable and accomplished parent company enhances SMART's credibility and allows it to leverage extensive industry experience to benefit its clients.

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At the Heart of SMART is Vilkas AI

Vilkas AI serves as the core of our SMART AI assistant. Focused on leveraging artificial intelligence in the retail sector, Vilkas AI combines the best AI applications, processes, databases, and integrations into user-friendly services for retailers. Through the SMART service, Vilkas AI empowers business owners with the finest tools and services for real-time customer interaction. The name SMART is an acronym for 'Sales & Marketing AI Retail Technology'.

At the Core of Intelligence

We are changing the way intelligence is understood.

AI + DATA + Internet

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Vilkas Takes Care of Retailers as AI Makes Its Landing

Vilkas Group's new team of generative AI experts is offering services to retail businesses that allow them to effectively capitalize on the opportunities offered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). The team started operations in Spring 2023. Our mission is to ensure that companies have the know-how and capability to leverage the advantages offered by AI.

As for SMART, our experts are focused on developing and implementing top-notch AI-based services, algorithms, and methods for both external and internal customer communication for our clients. SMART is not just a mere AI assistant; it is rather an intelligent, conversational customer service tool that is prepared to serve in accordance with your company's values and objectives. Underpinning SMART is next-generation AI based on Large Language Models (LLM). This has emerged globally as a new cornerstone for interactive communication, significantly shaping the way we interact with customers through technology.

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